Working Project: Modeling based integrated assessment of flood impacts
Project Funding:NSERC FloodNet

Project Objectives:
1. Investigate and predict the hydrologic connectivity in a watershed under high flow conditions
2. Build a suitable systems modelling approach to simulate agricultural lands, lakes and wetlands, rural development and water supply

Figure: Qu'Appelle River watershed in Saskatchewan, Canada

Floods in Canada are known to have a wide variety of impact on society. It is important to develop an approach that allows for quantifying and predicting the impact of floods on the physical environment in rural and urban areas in an integrated and comprehensive way. Based on the integrated assessment of the flood impacts, watershed and municipal authorities can evaluate and prioritize planning and action measures e.g. development of new detention ponds, maintaining or draining certain wetlands.

Past Projects:
Institute of Water Modelling
Position: Junior Engineer
From May 2009 to August 2012

Project Name: Ground Water Management and Feasibility Study for 148 Pourashava Having No Piped Water Supply
September 2010~August 2012
o Water distribution network modeling
o Growth rate projection via census analysis
o Surface water assessment

Project Name: Dhaka Artificial Recharge by Rain Water Harvesting
January 2010~August 2010
o Structural Design of recharge pit, roof and piping system for rain water harvesting
o Provided CAD support

Project Name: Strengthening the Resilience of the Water Sector in Khulna to Climate Change
October 2009~March 2010
o Hydro-graphic & topo-graphic Field data process using GIS
o Preparation of DEM
o Secondary CAD file processing and extraction of data
o Preparation of Land use map, population map, adaptation option map etc.

Project Name: Dhaka Water Supply Sector Development Project
July 2009~September 2009
o Worked in preliminary DMA, which was designed by Water CAD v 8.0
o Provided GIS support to the designers

Project Name: Study on Well Field Construction for Immediate Supplement to City Water Supply from nearby Groundwater Sources October 2009~August 2010
o Working in the water collection & transmission network and related civil engineering structures i.e. Production well, primary collector, Iron removal plant etc.
o Preparation of Bill of quantity
o Preparation of water transmission line map Provided CAD support

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